No love for Jack Wagner

To me, the most interesting part of Governor Rendell’s “year in review” press conference was the questions on next year’s Democratic gubernatorial primary. At first, Rendell said he has no plans to endorse a candidate or influence the field. He said he’s never done that. When a reporter pointed out that Rendell had, in fact, waded into previous races, Rendell said “he might do that again.” So it’s unclear whether the incumbent will pick a favorite.

But then Rendell mentioned how closely he’s worked with:

-Dan Onorato

-Joe Hoeffel

-Chris Doherty

-Tom Knox.

Missing anyone, governor?  I asked how close he was with the  one candidate he didn’t mention.

Rendell: Who’s the other candidate?

Me: Jack Wagner?

Rendell: He’s a good public servant.

When asked how helpful Wagner’s often critical audits have been, Rendell said, “Some are, some aren’t. Some are accurate, some aren’t. But that’s probably the case with any auditor general that you look at in history. Auditor generals have a history of running for other offices.”

Between that and the snark Rendell directed at Wagner during an October appearance on WHYY’s Radio Times, I wouldn’t expect the Auditor General and Governor to get together for any joint fundraisers in the near future.


About pubradiopolitics
Scott covers state government and politics for Pennsylvania's public radio stations, including WITF in Harrisburg, WHYY in Philadelphia and WDUQ in Pittsburgh.

One Response to No love for Jack Wagner

  1. jiffy says:

    Scott, suggest you relisten to that WHYY radio interview. The snark about Wagner is there. But the news is the admission by the Governor that he “rigs bids all the time.” The comment elicits a gasp from the interviewer “Isn’t that illegal?” Well, as a news reporter, shouldn’t you tell us whether it is illegal or not? Snark is gossip. An open admission by the chief executive officer that he rigs contracts is news.

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