Sunday reading

There are at least two “must reads” out there on the Internet this morning.

The first is an excerpt of the new book “Game Change” that’s running in New York Magazine. John Heilemann and Mark Halperin write an eye-popping account of John Edwards’ presidential campaign. Alongside sordid details of the Edwards marriage and the senator’s affair, there’s a very interesting passage where Edwards tries to hop onto the Obama ticket right after the Iowa Caucus. The Obama campaign rebuffs the “endorsement for a VP spot” proposal, but a few weeks later Edwards makes another try, saying he’d accept a gig as Attorney General.

On the eve of the South Carolina primary two weeks later, he again dispatched [confidant Leo] Hindery to make a revised offer, this time a trade for Edwards’s endorsement.

John will settle for attorney general, Hindery e-mailed Daschle.

Daschle shook his head. How desperate is this guy?

Leo, this isn’t good for John, Daschle replied. This is ridiculous. It’s going to be ambassador to Zimbabwe next.

When Obama heard about the suggested quid pro quo, he was incredulous. That’s crazy, he told Axelrod. If I were willing to make a deal like that, I shouldn’t be president!

In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Tom Fitzgerald has a far less sordid–but equally interesting–profile of Senator Arlen Specter. The story starts with a frustrated Specter being told he can’t order a martini at a DC restaurant.

“Bartender is not here tonight. No mixed drinks – beer, wine only,” the young waiter says, tapping a pencil on his order pad.

“No bartender?” Specter says. “How about a manager?”

The kid shakes his head. “Well, how about straight gin on ice? Can you do that?” Specter asks, sighing. The waiter is puzzled. “Straight gin,” Specter repeats, exasperated now. Ah, the kid realizes, this customer is not going to take no for an answer.

Happy reading to all.


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