A few minutes with Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumber (aka Samuel J.Wurzelbacher) headlined state Representative Sam Rohrer’s Mobilize for Liberty event in Harrisburg today, giving the Berks County lawmaker his support a few hours after Rohrer mustered just a dozen votes in the State Republican Committee’s gubernatorial endorsement meeting.

Joe’s endorsement is apparently quite the coup. He says more than 200 politicians have asked for support this year, but so far, he’s only backed five. “I need to talk to candidates before I endorse,” he told me afterwards, explaining that his bar is pretty high. “We have a series of conversations – 20 to 30 minute conversations – and I grill them. I ask them questions about energy, education – make sure they’re straight.” Wurzelbacher says he also vets candidates online.

So why Rohrer? He says they share many of the same values – the Second Amendment, states’ independence, “integrity, honesty.” Plus, “Sam is really favored amongst the tea parties. It takes a lot for them to get behind an individual.”

Wurzelbacher touched on several different points during his speech, and many of them were surprising. He said he doesn’t support Sarah Palin anymore. Why? Because she’s backing John McCain’s re-election effort. “John McCain is no public servant,” he told the room, calling the 2008 Republican nominee a career politician.

I pointed out he’d just be plain old Sam Wurzelbacher of Ohio — Joe the Plumber wouldn’t exist —  without McCain. His response was blunt. “I don’t owe him s—. He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

Wurzelbacher said, “McCain was trying to use me. I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy.”

So why’s he still milking the Joe the Plumber image, appearing at conservative events across the country? Wurzelbacher says it’s his duty to take advantage of the platform he’s been given. He wants to talk up the issues he cares about, and encourage the grassroots tea party movement.

Wurzelbacher also told the room to lay off the extreme personal attacks on President Obama.  He said people who question whether Obama was born in the United States or compare him to Hitler “belittle and set back” the conservative movement.  “The birthers, the truthers — if people are trying to bunch them [with tea partiers], that would kill us. That just pushes away Democrats and independents who might come out for our cause otherwise.” He said he actually likes Obama, in some ways. “I think his ideology is un-American, but he’s one of the more honest politicians. At least he told us what he wanted to do.”

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  1. Vern says:

    Yeah, I’m basing my vote on what a plumber from Ohio thinks. Right after I consult the magic pebble.

    Joe, your 15 minutes was up 10 minutes ago.

    • Yeah Right says:

      If you knew anything at all, you’d know Joe isn’t really a plumber…


      • Ahem says:

        If you knew anything at all, you’d know JOe isn’t really his name…


      • Alex says:

        What does ‘Joe’ being a plumber have anything to do with Vern’s comment, and why resort to debauchery like a teenager who reveals his passions through Youtube videos? We ought to hold ourselves to the same standards we hold the press when commenting on an article or replying to a peer.

        You embarrass the rest of us.

      • M Colins says:

        “Joe the Plumber” was given that name by the press. He was thrust into the national spotlight not by McCain but by a fawning Obama media who first covered the curiosity that is Wuerzelbacher who had the gall apparently to ask Obama a tough and obvious question. The red herrings “reported” by the palace guard media, that his name isnt “Joe” or that he wasn’t a licensed plumber (in his home state only the company you work for has to have the license and the employees can do plumbing work) are typical of the ad hominem style of the press when someone presents an obstacle to the Annointed One. One of the faithful in State government went so far as to release supposedly protected tax information. Wuerzelbacher certainly doesnt matter much anymore but lesser players have been thrust into the national spotlight by their brushes, some negative, with national figures and they have made the most of it. He is no different.

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  7. SenatorMark4 says:

    Joe the Plumber was harrassed and trashed by the Democrat left for only stating something that the great majority of Americans believe is true…we deserve the fruits of our labors! Anybody that thinks he shouldn’t be speaking out when he has even the smallest of platforms doesn’t understand American or our Republic. We should all be working to hold slimy politicians from both parties to account for their words and deeds!

    • Artu says:

      If Sam the not-plumber was harrased by the “left”, why did he trash your boy McCain? Thanks for playing, buh-bye

    • stiiv says:

      Yes! Workers control the means of production. That’s what Joe was trying to say!

      • Dee says:

        Marx said the exact same thing, and you know how well that went across conservative audiences.

      • the left says:

        a) No one is trying to deny you the fruits of your labor. They are borrowing your money and giving it back to you in the form of roads and schools and support for farms and green industry and national security. If President Obama were spending all the taxes on the war machine, would you be complaining?

        b) Workers controlling the means of production is more Marxist than anything President Obama has ever said.

    • Meta Shepherd says:

      I believe it was McCain, not Joe, who was trashed, just as he was trashed for selecting air-head Sarah as a running mate (we need a woman to get the Hillary votes!) as a blatant political ploy. Joe is actually better served by Obama who wants to get production and manufacturing going again and who wants to provide universal health care (even to plumbers).
      I think Joe SHOULD be speaking out, and I think John and Sarah SHOULD be held accountable.
      Remember when McCain early in his campaign shrugged and said economics wasn’t his long suit? Now that we’re in a real mess (thank you President Cheney & VP Bush), he attacks Obama’s economic policies — did he go back to college for an MBA?
      The Republicans’ public avowal to make Obama fail is detrimental to our country. It appears Republicans place the good of their party above the good of the people and America. I’m disgusted. Yuck!

      • Ray N says:

        Meta, You need to step back & look at what Obama is doing, Are you blind he is turning this country into a socialist country & your loving it, He has barrowed us into bolivia, Read the constatution he is distroying it & you are loving it, Lets stop blaming Bush Obama has been in office over a Year when dose he start being Presadent, Obama is a Narcistic Marxist & you all are loving it You have to pay for the rest of your life don’t that bother you & it’s not Bushes fault Dem’s were in congress for two years before Bush left office Dah

      • haveaclue says:

        EXACTLY! How smart is any American who is actively campaigning for our president to fail? If he fails we all fail, get a clue! Stop listening to Rush and get your head out of your a**.

    • Lil Joe says:

      Capitalist as the class of owners of the means of production and distribution appropriate the labor power of the propertyless proletariat, the exploitation of wage laborers by capitalists mean capitalist profit from the sweat, blood and toil of others, without contributing an iota of labor, they appropriate the “fruit” [value produced by] of the labor of workers. Landowners get their cut by rent, bankers in the form of interests. Only labor create the value of the ‘fruit’, appropriated by others.

    • poffnpaddle says:

      everyone on every side gets trashed and harrassed. then it gets replayed over and over on 24 hour cable “news”. i’m sure you’re an inteligent person, and a ‘true’ american too/ just like me. so let’s stop playing schoolyard war games and get to the real issues. when you say “the majority of americans; you must be talking about a combination of dems and repubs, and indis together in some form, because neither one can form a legitimate majority alone…let’s keep that fresh in our minds in these trying times in our union….; we all want the fruits of our labor, and we’ll all take some security on top of that, such as health, national security, retirement, right down to decent roads, bridges and technology, and on, and on. there is a roll for government, and let’s be real about that! i think we decide over a century ago that we are going to uphaold the system of democracy and uphold the rights of all citizens to take part, so to me the fringes that still think that blacks, women, or other religions are not welcome in this process is just beyond dicussion and we should get on about the businesss at hand. in our land there is an elemant that believes that there is no place at all for government!! how do we work together peacefully and productively with such a wide diversity of ideas? well, it’s called democracy, and lets resect it! i think there are people like you that could work together across isles, races, classes, and parties if we take off the gang colours and really talk about progress and the steps towards our future in this great land! we need a little humility and it looks like joe is heading in that direction. shouldn’t the republicans for example be outraged about the supreme courts desicion to alow corporations to further dig into our democratic system?? whats up with thAT?? can’t we alllll agree that that this was a horrific attack on the basic justice that our system was born to uphold? for the people, by the people…?
      joe has every right to take advantage of his strange platfom, but really, what should we think of his ideas? why? let’s give all of us a platform! let’s make all of our votes count and let support voting reform across all parties. i know thats something everyone from tea partiers to leftests (real ones and not just anyone who is not republican…right..)can agree on. there is a lot we can agree on! lets start with a truce on the name calling and the obstructionism that is bringing our god sent country to it’s knees befotre our eyes! lets respect the government that we have and the system where a party in charge is in charge and that doesn’t mena drop out of the process if you’re not in that party but rather understand that there are compriomises and move forward. whattaya think??

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  10. Thomas Magura says:

    “Mr. Plumber” says what many feel about Sen. Mc Cain. He had a terrible campaign strategy and
    I think the only good from it was Gov. Palin.
    She may never be President but she is a blessing for the rebirth of the Republican Party and the more voices heard the better.
    Gov. Rommey is the top choice of many for now , but who knows, anything can happen.

  11. Dougf says:

    Hmmm, well based upon Joe’s recent efforts, let us just say that Sarah Palin is probably not losing much sleep over his lack of support.

    As was said previously, Joe needs to put another coin in the fame meter as his time is long expired.
    Too bad some people just can’t develop gracefully nad know when to say when.

  12. Rick554 says:

    Cmon Joe…. you actually like somone you call “unAmerican”?

  13. Curt says:

    Does Joe (Samuel) think the people asking him to speak are not using him? Get over yourself Joe. McCain didnt make your life bad, that was your doing when you asked Obama a question and he answered with the famous statement about “sharing the wealth”. I think maybe your head is getting a bigger than your ego. I can say that I am disappointed with him over this article.

  14. barbarian_horde says:

    Joe was harassed for exactly what he just admitted — he was letting himself get used by the McCain campaign. It wasn’t just Democrats who saw through the ruse.

    Nobody is saying he can’t state whatever he wants — we’re saying we don’t have to listen.

    By the way, “Senator Mark” — find me one person on the left who doesn’t think we deserve the fruit of our labors. It’s the conservative Republican fat cats at the top of the food chain who hate labor. They make their living off trading derivatives and looting pension funds, live on the interest and dividends of their parent’s investments, and never do an honest day’s work. The Faux Populism on the Right is just a vehicle to get them back into power — there is nothing sincere about Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity. They loved what Bush was doing every step of the way, and ridiculed the left for complaining. Now they are rich, and yet they want you to believe they speak for the masses. They don’t.

    • PersonhoodCO says:

      BBhoarde, you’re full of it, Rush, Hannity, & late to the game Beck were already rich. They all spoke out against alot of what the Compassionate Consertvative was pushing. The only thing Bush had going for him was he was a strong leader in protecting this nation after 9/11, & that he wasn’t Gore or Kerry. He tried to privatise the future of SS, but was raked over the coals. Its already bankrupt. He said he had to destroy his free market principles to save the free market. He was NOT a conservative, the tea party people of which I am one, just wants to bring back limited government based on the Constitution

      • urlnts says:

        Full of it???Look in the mirror,you are an out and out fraud!!!Rush, Hannity, and Beck backed Bush The Dumber and Joe The Plumber EVERY STEP OF THEIR DISASTROUS JOURNEY!Bush a Strong Leader,he avoided combat every way he could,started two wars he couldn’t finish and BANKRUPTED the Country!And Bush wasn’t Gore or Kerry,no they actually were in Vietnam,not hiding in Alabama,”Flying Tractors!”He tried to Privatize SS but was raked over the coals,THANK GOD ,Wallstreet Bankers would now have ALL of our SS money ALSO !SS already bankrupt,yeah ,they have been stealing from the SS Funds for years!As for the Real Cons like the overhyped failure Reagan ,WHO TRIPLED THE NATIONAL DEBT,CRASHED THE STOCK MARKET AND BANKS AND RAISED TAXES WHILE DOING IT!(I know they will bitch about the FACT THAT Saint Ronny Raised Taxes so here is the proof ahead of that)
        The right is filled with HYPOCRITICAL FRAUDS and their followers are prejudiced,backwards and dumb as sticks,they constantly vote against their own best interests and that wrecked our country!

    • Tryagain55 says:

      Because the “right” has to pretend that the “left” wants to re-distribute their money. Who would vote for them if the said they want to make sure the 5% of the Americans who have 90% of the wealth in this country get the other 10%. If we really valued hard work the balance between Executive pay and Employee pay would not have gone from 36/1 of the 60’s to 437/1 of 2006. If we really want to do something about illegal aliens why are there not very stiff fines for anyone knowingly hiring one?

  15. akw says:

    Get over yourself, Joe.

    Sarah Palin would be a scumbag if she DIDN’T support McCain’s campaign – she would have NO platform if he hadn’t chosen her to run with him in 2008.

    YOU would have no platform if Sarah and McCain hadn’t asked you to join them on the campaign trail.

    Whether you like McCain’s policies or not, he is a public servant, and he didn’t use and abuse you as much as the media and the Democrats did. He didn’t ruin your life, and your dramatic hyperbole is pathetic.

    You need to grow up politically. There are no ideologically pure political candidates. Every candidate has to represent thousands if not millions of people, and until the day that you get your own personal representative in Washington, it’s naive and short-sighted to trash everyone who doesn’t meet all of your ideals.

    Oh, and your statement about Obama being an honest politician is absurd! He lies more than any politician I’ve encountered in my 49 years on this earth.

  16. RJGatorEsq. says:

    For all the trashing of Joe the Plumber in the comments here, I don’t see much substance to the criticism.

    Joe does not like MCain? Welcome up here with the rest of us.

    Joe is upset because Sarah is supporting McCain? Eh. She owes him some loyalty. I don’t exactly agree with Joe, but I don’t exactly disagree.

    We need to disassociate ourselves from Birthers? He’s probably right. It;s not like Obama’s place of birth is the only thing we have to attack him about.

  17. kravitz says:

    more people want to read cartoons than news. hence, joe is back.

  18. Jim G says:

    Joe the Plumber thinks Obama is honest? Now that is a tragedy. Looks like he has swallowed some Obama koolaid.

    • Linda Hughes says:

      Joe the plumber made a big mistake going on camera with Obama in the first place; all he was really after was being seen with Obama. Obama is the one who messed up Joe’s life, not John McCain. Quit whinning about it and get on with your life is what I say. As for Obama being honest, big question in my opinion. Not many politicians are honest anymore, they’re all about themselves and to h— with the rest of us.

  19. I understand how Joe the Plumber can’t support someone that would campaign for Sen. McCain.

    But didn’t Joe himself campaign for Sen. McCain?

    • delquattro says:

      McCain had the nomination.

    • JohnA says:

      McCain is in a hot primary this August. Maybe we can retIre him and replace him with a true conservative who will fight for our basic freedms. latest from McCain is his backing of a bill that would limit your supplement and vitamin choices. The supreme Court ruled his anti-speech bill was unconstitutional but that does not keep him from selling us all out. PALIN DID NOT HAVE TO SUPPORT HIM AND DESERVES LOTS OF CRITICISM.

  20. james says:

    people are asking for his endorsement? you have got to be kidding… who the hell would base their vote on what he says?
    only some dolt that can’t read, write or think for themselves

  21. David says:

    Let me get this straight.He jumps off the bus all angry.Then he says he voted for Huckabee in the primaries and wished Huck had won.Then he disses Mccain by a no show at a rally.Hmmm you call this news?He never has supported Palin.ITS ALLWAYS BEING HUCKABEE.Palin has never needed his support and it was never there from day one anyways.Get a grip find us real storys not garbage like this.

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  24. Kyle B says:

    This is worrisome not because of what Joe thinks (who cares, certainly I don’t and never did), but because it’s symptomatic of a conservative movement in almost complete disarray: almost everyone thinks that everyone else has to have the SAME views on all issues as the person who talks, and all of those neophytes in political thought, issues and action have differring views on almost everything. And if one disagrees with them on even one issue (out of possibly hundreds, if you include various key candidates for office) then that person is an enemy (usually called a “RINO”).

    • delquattro says:

      Conservatives are in a fight, that may be scary to a skirt wearing squishy moderate, because there are progressives in the party trying to disrupt the movement. You know, for instance, Newt Gingrich endorsing Dede Scuzzyfava, who ended up endorsing the Democrat rather than Hoffman, or Palin endorsing McCain, and Rick Gardasil TTC Perry.

  25. hogtrrashhd says:

    my oh my.. wah wah wah Joe.. call the wahmbulance.. who would have thought this guy would be such a crybaby… he doesn’t like McCain.. fine.. it’s your perogative, but to say Obama is an honest politician.. I almost choked. Guess ol’ Joe had his sights on making some money on this.. of course when he asked Obama “the question” I’m sure he had no idea what would come of it.. but geez louise.. get a grip.. Obama.. Honest???? where in the hell could that come from.. sour grapes me thinks and childish.

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  27. pablo says:

    I agree that McCain was using Joe. McCain was using Sarah Palin too and he is still using her. I don’t see why he won’t support Sarah Plain now just because they have one more thing in common.

  28. pablo says:

    I have strong disagreements with McCain but the thought of one more Democrat in the Senate is too dangerous of an alternative. Sen.Scott Brown is like John McCain idealogically but a real fresh alterative to a Democrat.

  29. MCGIRV says:

    Oh no Joe the plumber has just incurred the wrath of Sarah Palin supporters! Hell hath no fury like the scorn of a Palin sopporter!

  30. jdrourke says:

    Ah, “Joe.” How great for you to talk about honesty when you don’t even go by your own name. That said, “Joe the Teabagger” looks and sounds about right.


  31. twolaneflash says:

    Joe the Plumber was not made famous by his support of Sarah Palin. Joe’s fame comes from being the person who exposed BarryBarackHusseinDunhamSoetoroObama as a wealth-redistributing Socialist, the truth of which is only now sinking into the consciousness of millions of American voters. Joe’s impact and influence on Sarah Palin’s future is inconsequential. I wish Joe well, and hope he doesn’t beclown himself like Levi Johnson has done over Sarah.

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  33. nickt says:

    Joe was great. Why is everyone so harsh on him? He’s just speaking his mind. Sure he’s capitalizing on recognition from the ’08 election, but why shouldn’t he?

    The take away from his speech was the contrast between Corbett (the moderate “front runner”) and Rohrer, the true conservative who is mobilizing the grassroots. GO ROHRER!

  34. very nice blog and i understand what you trying to say

  35. jay says:

    Sideshow. Palin and Joe Nonplumber are like minor league infielders criticizing Albert Pujols.

    GDP up two quarters in a row, and will continue to rise. Obama will continue to kick shriveled up GOP ass until it bleeds Geritol.

  36. In ohio says:

    Who would have ever guessed that Joe The Plumber would turn out to be a voice of reason? At least he admits that McPalin just used him. How many hours of talking time were spent on “Joe the Plumber” “Tito the beautician”, etc, etc. Palin rode the plumber for weeks during the campaign. Glad to see the truth is comming out!

    Go Joe The Plumber!

  37. Dave (in MA) says:

    I’ll have some of what jay’s smoking.

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  40. R8RBOB says:

    After catching wind of Joe the Plumber, I decided to post something to my page about good ole’ Joe.


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  42. Brian says:

    I like Joe the Plummer but he’s wrong about “birthers”. Heck you’d think he’d have learned about media smear tactics after what he went thru. Hey Joe,Dems think you’re a knuckle draging imp, should we dump you to garner they’re support?

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  46. Jon says:

    When these people says “grassroots movement” what they really mean is a bunch of angry white people. That’s what the Tea Party AND the GOP are now, the party of only angry whites.

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  49. Jim says:

    Let me echo the mantra “Get over yourself Joe!” Sam Wurzelbacher willingly and knowingly allowed himself to be used as a pawn in John McCain’s shot at the Presidency with the hope of personal gain. Sam deserves all of the unintended consequences of his decision. Stop whining and move on!

    • SHIRLEY KEYES says:

      AMEN Jim – I laughed so hard when he said 200 politicans wanted him to back them. I would like to know their names because they sure wouldn’t get my vote. So come on Joe tell me who these 200 are!!!!!

  50. John Egan says:

    Dumb. Dumber. Dumbest.

  51. Bob says:

    I’m middle America. Will someone tell Joe he doesn’t represent me?

    • SHIRLEY KEYES says:

      Bob, thank you for your response. I, too am middle America and I to do not need Joe to represent me, nor do I care what he thinks about anything. His 15 minutes was up a long time ago. How long does he want to keep up his baloney?

  52. Lawrence Mayer says:

    “Joe’s endorsement is apparently quite the coup. He says more than 200 politicians have asked for support this year, but so far, he’s only backed five.”

    Something frightful about this-talk about being used. I want to know who has requested his endorsement. I want it published. Where is the proof in this statement? Do you simply publish what you hear or do you fact check?

    However, I consider this a fantastic position to be in! I would create the same line of questioning and then, based on answers, many of which would be patent/scripted responses, follow up with a second question meant to counter the response. I think Sam, you should document all your candidate interactions and have it verified.

    “Wurzelbacher also told the room to lay off the extreme personal attacks on President Obama.”

    Is this perhaps a gesture to get Dems to court him for their use of his persona as a campaign tool so that other avenues of fame will cross his path? I wonder who is using who.

    All in all, a great position to be in. Why he is complaining about how McCain, “Screwed up his life”, is beyond me. He is where the vast majority of Americans want to be-in the AGAIN! I would take it any day of the week.

  53. Mike The Mechanic says:

    Is this Joe/Sam between inspirational political gigs?

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  57. mel says:

    Well, Joe certainly is a genius isn’t he? It only took him this long to figure out he was being used. As far as representing middle America–perhaps there is truth to that. He does appear resemble the unfortunately high numbers of undereducated, easily swayed, and short sighted narrow minded group that seems to make up the majority at the moment. I wonder if he has considered asking Brawndo to sponsor him–“it has electrolytes!”

  58. Todd says:

    I think he’s just just mad that all the publicity exposed his lack of a plumbing license and debt problems.

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  60. Frankly, I like the guy and he makes some good points. Especially about Palin and birthers. Birthers are hijacking the Tea Party movement. I’m about to throw my tea bags in the disposal.

    Birthers are no better than Joooo hating 9/11 troofers in their own way.

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  62. delquattro says:

    McCain isn’t responsible for making Joe famous, ObaMao is. Remember his answer to Joe, on the street was ““My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody … I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” Which is ObaMao’s way of paraphrasing Karl Marx, “Each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

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  65. Gerardo says:

    Straight meaning Not Gay?

  66. Galactic Cannibal says:

    Joe is no more a plumber than Pres.Obama is a black man. Why can’t American people get the facts straight. Could it be that America is the mongrel child of Europe and has bred a mass tide of human mediocrity plus a small minority who have the quality European DNA.The rest is trash DNA

  67. teabugger says:

    samuel, the unlicensed toilet bowl freedom fighter and patriot, has now educated himself to to understand what critical questions he needs to ask a potential candidate for his support. if they answer based on his “values”, we will be free from oppression and tyranny. bravo! samuel, the toilet bowl cleaner for president!

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  70. Senator McPupper says:

    Looks like Mr. McCain created a monster.

    Serves him right. “America’s economy is sound”, then a week later the whole system caves in.

  71. MK says:

    shut up, you stupid american.

  72. Hugh says:

    Whats wrong with being a plumber Vern ? He is probably a lot more intelligent than you will ever be. Joe is right about McCain,He tells the people what they want to hear, he used Palin and when they didn’t win, he turned on her. McCain tries to pass himself off as a conservative, but give me a break.!

  73. Lauren says:

    I agree with what AKW said above. Joe wopuldn’t be where he is today if it hadn’t been for Obama’s trashing him and McCain’s accepting him.

  74. Astro says:

    “I don’t owe him s—. He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

    So much for that “personal responsibility” we hear so much about. You screwed your own life up, Joe, you media whore.

  75. DCC says:

    What a lousy interview. How about asking the obvious question? “Joe, Sam, whatever, just how did McCain screw up your life?”

  76. smith says:

    Joe the Douchebag.

  77. jim says:

    psst Joe, if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen

  78. DR BOB says:


    • jo says:


      You are 110 percent right! I am for Sara Palin. Its the new media that messes her up since some people are just air heads and have no minds of their own to think and get opinions for themselves, they have to listen to their freinds and media to get answers. Why can’t people see what a Smart woman she is? I like her, think she is very honest and runs her family, her politics has hobbies etc… very intelligent and pretty too!
      If she runs in 2012 I for one and several of my freinds are voting for her. They were sorry they didn’t when she was running, they voted for Obama and now very sorry they did. NO CHANCE FOR OBAMA IN 2012, ONE TERM PRESIDENT!

    • cloc says:

      your out of your mind. I’ve been conservative all my life, and know that she is a disaster. If she runs for President, your going to find out a lot of underground things about here. Not just word of mouth but tapes on the things she say and do. If she runs it will be interesting.

      • Annette says:

        I am middle class America and Palin and McCain do not represent me. McCain, a progressive republican (like his daughter), and Palin associating/aligning with him and Rick Perry, who was strongly in support of the North American Union. Rhinos, all.

  79. Ed says:

    Who really cares about any of them! They all say and do the same thing!Promise the world, complain about the next person and do nothing. Everyone of these people are out for one thing and one thing only. Themselves. End of story.

  80. Joe's a Douch says:

    Joe the Plumber is such a loser. He’s a whining dipshit who thinks he’s smart. He loved the attention everyone gave him him during the campaign and now he’s saying he was used. Give me a break!

  81. Dan says:

    Roher 714’s are back…..give the teabaggers some.

  82. jo says:

    Joe the plumber said “At least Obama is honest, he told us what he wanted to do????
    Obama said nothing what he wanted to do, except using the word ” CHANGE” but never said how he will change things. I think Joe the plumber is on drugs since he heard something we never heard come out of Obamas speeches.
    Everytime Obama was asked how he would change things he would double talk and never say how, that is why I for one didn’t vote for him, and knowing now what he is trying to change and how he would change things, I for sure am happy I didn’t vote for him.
    When Obama was elected I figured “ok, he is in , he is now our president, I will give him a year and see how he does, maybe I could be wrong! WELL, I WASN’T WRONG, HE IS CHANGING THINGS FOR THE WORST . He is trying to pass a health insurance that Europe has and hates, If he and all congress will change their health insurance to the one he wants to give the citizens, then OK, but his and congress health insurance is a great one and has fantastic coverage an it will be for life, with all kinds of treatments and no waiting to get a appointment with Dr.s and treatments, whereas we will have to get on a list to get to see a Dr, and the treatment will not be as good, and if you need surgery or chemo, there is a waiting list which you may not even get there before your doomed. Why do you think many Europeans and canadians are coming here for their medical treatments? Because right now we have the best, but if it changes our quality of treatment will go down and there is noooooooo going back even if another president comes into office. I AM AGAINST IT

  83. Ranforawhile says:

    You Tea Party people are all being duped by the GOP. They KNOW you will never vote Democrat, they just want to be sure you don’t support (or start) a 3rd party.

    The Tea Party is nothing more than a Republican plan to keep you in line.

  84. Drew Pooters says:

    Amazing. Back in 2004 I and a few others turning in American corporations for stealing from us all, and on the campaign trail Obama’s people turned us down right here in Elkhart, Indiana for Joe the Plumber. Well, when a few people volunteer to do the tough jobs without pay for the love of country, then things will change. Count me in on that. If you have any doubts, you can Google my name (and yeah. it IS Drew Pooters), and judge for yourself. So tired of the damn dog and pony shows. Best of luck to America – it will need it.

  85. Jack says:

    Joe, what you said about Obama telling us what he would do, because he is an honest politician is FALSE!! Obama made hundreds of promises he has not fullfilled! Who are you trying to kid? You are a nobody and you should shut up and let our teaparty grow. You are doing all this for money…..How much money have you made since MCcain and Sarah Palin made you??

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  89. not joe the plumber says:

    Sorry for you “Joe” you blew it.
    With all due respect, Sen. McMcain does not have the ability to stand by his convictions.Sara sparked up the party from the moment she was nominated to be V.P.When you tried to follow up with a second question,he shut you up. You like this guy? He almost destroyed himself when he answered the first question, and if he allowed him self to get into a debate with you, it would do him no good.

  90. Pingback: Hot Air » Blog Archive » Joe the Plumber: I can’t support Palin if she supports McCain

  91. Tony says:

    Joe and Palin for 201(3) LOL

  92. saldog says:

    He was more than willing to get up on stage with McCain and sure that’s what politics is and he knew it. Now he wants to play the victim? Get over yourself Joe!

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  95. Pingback: Joe the Plumber HATES McCain. WHAT?? : Dog and Pony Show | Better at the internet than you.

  96. Ray Brandt says:

    I couldn’t believe what the “Plumber” had to say about the President. He appreciates that the President says what he is going to do? Almost everything he said during the campaign is not what he has done since he became president! He was going to get rid of the “earmarks”. How many were in the stimulus bill? In excess of 8500? Is that getting rid of the earmarks? He said he was against abortion. One of the first things he did was void Bush’s no-government-funding for abortions. Is that what he meant when he said he was against abortion? I can go on-and-on. There isn’t that much that he said that he has done. He can’t blame it on the Republicans. There were 60 Democrats in the Senate up until several weeks ago.

  97. busdrivermike says:

    At least this guy is trying to get to a truth, instead of all you who spend five minutes commenting on some minor blog. He is evolving, and not afraid of saying he was wrong.

    I got this link through the daily dish. I live in Seattle, and I have watched Republicans name call anyone who doesn’t completely walk the line as RINO’s.

    People who think for themselves are not allowed to be Republicans anymore. The Republicans have wittled themselves to a permanent minority, and you Southerners are the dead enders. The funny part: they never properly represented your interests once they were elected, but you keep drinking the kool aid by the bucketful.

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  99. ArchiesBoy says:

    By dragging Sarah Palin up out of the primeval muck, McCain screwed up ALL our lives.

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  103. Ester says:

    I wish all the Tea Party people would just go and finish plumbing school and earn a real living like the rest of real America.

  104. Jocko says:

    Why are we still concerned with what this guy says? Why were we ever. Just because someone pointed a camera at him when he was talking to Obama doesnt mean his opinion really matters. It doesnt matter to me frankly and it never did!

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  107. eddieb says:

    Heck with all this political stuff Joe, can you fix our toilet? Let me know as it’s starting to ooze and stuff. Kinda smelly.

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  113. scroo yoo says:

    its time to flush joe the plumber!

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  118. Joe the Plumber was given a great shot – his 5 minutes of fame… and he’d be dumb not to capitalize on it.

    With the publicity he got, he can easily turn his 5-minutes of fame into a lucrative speaking business…

    I did a simple search on him, though, and I don’t seem to find his web site or any recent activity. As a speaker, I wish I had his expossure – I would have known how to capitalize on it. It seems that he is slowly becoming a forgotten figure…

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