Another Veon mistrial motion, and other #bonusgate news

The long-running trial of former House Democratic Whip Mike Veon and three one-time aides may not be done yet.

On Monday, Veon, Brett Cott and Annamarie Perretta-Rosepink were convicted for doing campaign work on state time. But the next day, a juror wrote a (since-deleted) blog post detailing how he and other panelists took an unauthorized field trip to the state Capitol, in order to scope out the scene of the crimes.

That raised a red flag for Perretta-Rosepink’s lawyer, Michael Palermo. He’s filed a motion for mistrial.

Palermo says the trip may have been innocent, but he wants Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis to call the jury back to ask about it.

This is Palermo’s second mistrial motion. The first one — based on Judge Lewis swapping in an alternate for a sick juror and then restarting deliberations — was rejected. A spokesman for Attorney General Tom Corbett says he’s confident the verdicts will be upheld.

And in other #bonusgate  news, the attorney for Steven Stetler and Brett Feese is now calling for an investigation into whether Corbett is doing just as much state-funded campaigning as the people he’s charged. Earlier this week, I asked Corbett how lawmakers running for office should draw the line between their official duties and their campaign efforts.

Stetler’s  preliminary hearing was initially scheduled for this morning, but that court date has been postponed.

Here’s the mistrial motion:


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