White House: Clinton made job overture to Sestak

The White House has just released a legal memo saying former President Bill Clinton is the one who approached Congressman Joe Sestak about a possible administration job, in order to entice him to drop his primary bid against Senator Arlen Specter.

At first glance, this information seems bad for Sestak. The White House says he was never offered the Secretary of the Navy job. Yet Sestak continually refused to shoot down the notion that this was the proposition he received. Here’s a transcript from the initial February interview with Larry Kane:

“Were you ever offered a job to get out of this race?”


“Was it Navy Secretary?”

“No comment.”

Later on:  “So you were offered a job by someone in the White House?” “Yes.”

And after that Sestak refused to say anything more. Which is understandable — but still, he let people ask again and again whether he was offered the Secretary of the Navy job, and he never said no. This post is much more high-profile than the Senior Branch Advisory Board position that was apparently floated. And also, President Clinton is not “someone in the White House.” So it seems either way, Sestak – who says again and again on the stump that he’s all about accountability –  has some questions to answer in the coming days.

Here’s the memo:


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One Response to White House: Clinton made job overture to Sestak

  1. BrettB says:

    I don’t see how he lead people to believe it was Sec. of the Navy. It was mathematically impossible for him to offer him the job and for months EVERYONE knew that, they just really really wanted to see that be true.

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