OAG spokesman shifts to campaign side

Office of the Attorney General spokesman Kevin Harley has jumped over to Tom Corbett’s campaign team. The full release is below.

I expect the folks at @CasablancaPA will weigh in on this shift soon. They and others have criticized Corbett for prosecuting campaign work done on state time, while simultaneously running for higher office. Critics will likely point to Harley’s shift from a state position to a campaign post as yet another example of Corbett having it both ways. Though Corbett defenders would point out that leaving the state payroll and officially joining the campaign staff is exactly what staffers who want to work on political efforts SHOULD do.

UPDATE: The campaign press release didn’t address Harley’s status with OAG. A department spokesman says he’s on unpaid leave, and will not receive benefits or contributions to his retirement plan during the absence.

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett today announced that he has expanded his campaign communications team by naming Kevin Harley as Director of Communications.

Corbett said that he is preparing his campaign for the general election and that the expansion of his communications team is an important part of that plan.

Harley has served as Director of Communications in the Attorney General’s Office for the past five and a half years and has worked in the attorney general’s office communications department since 1994.

Harley has extensive campaign communications experience having worked on four previous Pennsylvania statewide elections, including press secretary for Mike Fisher’s gubernatorial campaign in 2002 and Corbett’s attorney general race in 2004.

In addition to Harley, the Tom Corbett for Governor Communications Team includes Press Secretary Kirsten Page and New Media Director Kelli Phiel.


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One Response to OAG spokesman shifts to campaign side

  1. richard king says:

    many of you that are complaining about harley going over to corbett campaign are the same jerkwads that are screaming over corbett’s unwillingness to empanel a grand jury to investigate Sestak. Make up your minds.

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