Rendell says PR contract “inappropriate”

To steal a phrase from Deadspin, House GOP spokesman Steve Miskin has won the day.

Here’s how Governor Rendell kicked off his afternoon press conference:

Rendell was referring to Miskin’s criticism of a $30,000 state contract awarded to Philadelphia PR man Kevin Feeley, who was charged with coordinating various interest groups’ budget advocacy efforts. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Angela Couloumbis broke the news last week.

Rendell says he didn’t know about the contract, and he’s moved to fix it.

Feely was billing the state $5,000 a month, and had already done two months of work.

Rendell said the PR effort itself is “perfectly appropriate,” and told reporters he’s helped coordinate similar efforts in the past – but that they were paid for with Democratic State Committee money, instead of tax dollars.

The governor refuted the effort that the effort is a “legacy project,” as some staffers told the Inquirer. “I will not spend one dime of the taxpayers’ money on any assemblage of things for legacy purposes.”  Though Rendell says department heads will put together memos of the administration’s accomplishments this fall, for the benefit of the governor-elecy.

Rendell said no staffers will be reprimanded or fired for the incident.


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