Specter a “yes” on Kagan

In a USA Today editorial, Senator Arlen Specter announces he’ll begrudgingly vote for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. He faults her for skirting most of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s questions, writing, ‘[Kagan] showed an impressive legal mind, a ready humor and a collegial temperament suitable to the court. But they shed no light on how she feels about the court’s contemptuous dismissal of Congress’ “fact-finding” role, its overturning of precedent in allowing corporate political advertising, and the expansion of executive authority at the expense of congressional power.”

He later writes Kagan, “did little to move the nomination hearings from the stylized “farce” (her own word) they have become into a discussion of substantive issues that reveal something of the nominee’s judicial philosophy and predilections,” -but ultimately concludes she “did just enough to win [Specter’s] vote.”

Barring a surprise resignation, this will be Specter’s last vote on a Supreme Court nominee.


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Scott covers state government and politics for Pennsylvania's public radio stations, including WITF in Harrisburg, WHYY in Philadelphia and WDUQ in Pittsburgh.

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