Daniel Schorr dies at 93

Journalism icon Daniel Schorr died today at 93. He began his career as a foreign correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and New York Times, then came to CBS News in 1953 to work  for the legendary Edward R. Murrow.

Among countless distinctions, Schorr made President Richard  Nixon’s “Enemies List” due to his tough White House coverage in the 70s.

He joined NPR in the 1980s, and had been a familiar and comforting voice on All Things Considered, Weekend Edition and other programs ever since. NPR’s website has posted a detailed obit with a great photo gallery of Schorr’s career. More from CBS,  the New York Times and Washington Post, as well.

Also make sure to read Weekend Edition host Scott Simon’s remembrance. Simon writes about how Schorr risked his career to publish a classified Congressional report about illegal CIA activities. When he was hauled before a committee and threatened with a contempt charge unless he outed the official who gave him the document, Schorr told the lawmakers, “To betray a source would be to betray myself, my career and my life.”

I spotted Schorr from across the room during a visit to Washington’s Newseum a few years ago. I started to approach him, but then changed my mind, deciding not to interrupt his afternoon. That’s a decision I’ve regretted ever since.

After a week in which partisan attack “journalism” dominated the national news cycle, the loss of Schorr — and the era he represented — is even harder to take.


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