And here’s that Onorato press release

Team Onorato has pounced on Tom Corbett’s decision to revisit the issue of whether or not there are jobs out there for Pennsylvanians. You can read their latest press release below. I’m off to Delaware County to cover a Corbett event this afternoon. We’ll see what the AG has to say about the issue, and whether or not he believes the Inquirer and Delaware County Daily Times both misquoted him.

Judge for Yourself… Which Tom Corbett Should We Listen To Now?

After candy company fails to pan out, Corbett cites newspaper want-ads as source for economic news

PITTSBURGH: After dodging questions about his repeated remarks that the “jobs are there” but Pennsylvanians would rather “sit there” on unemployment benefits than go back to work, Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett tried this morning to pretend that it never happened at all.

Appearing on Fox 29’s “Good Day Philadelphia,” Corbett had the following exchange:

Host: “Can you clear this up for me?  Did you say: Hey, listen, I opened the want ads in the papers, and it seems like there’s a lot of jobs to me, I think a lot of people would rather collect unemployment benefits than look for a job.”

Tom Corbett: “No, I didn’t say it that way at all.”

But that is exactly what Tom Corbett has said.

As the Delaware County Daily Times reported in today’s newspaper:

“When asked about a statement he made earlier this month that ‘the jobs are there, but if we keep extending unemployment, people are just going to sit there,’ Corbett pointed to the classified section of the Philadelphia Inquirer that promises ‘thousands of jobs here (in print) and online.’

‘So you make the distinction whether there are jobs out there or not,’ he said to an Inquirer reporter. ‘I’m reporting what you report. Your newspaper says there’s thousands of jobs. Do I know that to be true? I don’t. I’ve got to trust your newspaper.’

Corbett would not say if he thinks people are not taking advantage of those jobs, but did say he wanted to focus on the future and job development, not what he had said in the past.

‘Do you have a classified list? Are there jobs on there? … How would you interpret that?’ he said….” [7/28/2010]

Prior to citing newspaper want ads as the source for his knowledge of the economy, Corbett had initially “pointed to one candy company in Camp Hill as an example, saying the owner told him they hired 50 European college students for the summer when the company was unable to fill its full-time positions.” [Capitolwire, 7/9 2010]

The online news service Capitolwire subsequently reported that the “Candymaker says Corbett misstated their employment issues.” [7/14/2010]

In fact, there are currently 591,000 Pennsylvanians who are out of work and looking for jobs. As Capitolwire also noted: “The Republican nominee for governor is wrong, according to even the most respected government-shrinking, anti-tax-hike state think tank around, about whether the jobs are there.” [7/10/2010]

And in March, following a visit to a job referral center in Lancaster, Corbett similarly “provocatively suggested that Congress’ decision to extend unemployment benefits might be having the opposite of its intended effect and actually be serving as a disincentive to go back to work. ‘What I see here are people looking for jobs, but that’s only 10 percent [of the unemployed],’ he said. ‘What about the other 80 or 90 percent?’” [Capitol Ideas, 3/18/2010]

“Tom Corbett is learning the hard way that his words matter, and time and time again they show he is out of touch with Pennsylvania families,” said Onorato Communications Director Brian Herman. “Pennsylvania needs a Governor who understands the problems we are facing and has the solutions to turn the state around, and Tom Corbett clearly does not measure up.”


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